Modular Mates Rectangular Set *²


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Modular Mates Rectangular Set


  • MM Mini Rectangular I (4) 850ml
  • MM Rectangular II (2) 4.3L
  • Gift Box​

Tips for a perfect pantry

  • Optimize space - Every inch counts! Square-shaped Modular Mates containers are designed for most efficient use of storage space.
  • See everything at a glance - The Modular Mates clear windows let you quickly determine the content and when you need to re-stock.
  • Keep pests away - Ants and cockroaches have no place here! Modular Mates store food safely, preventing contamination from pests.
  • Get rid of lumps & clumps - Modular Mates are virtually airtight to keep out moisture and air, so your food stays fresh longer.
  • No more crumbly bits - Modular Mates allows all kinds of food to be stacked and stored neatly, keeping them whole and intact.