Mini Thermal Flask (1) 250ml - Honey Dew


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Meet these colorful and cute Mini Thermal Flasks that lets you keep beverages hot or cold up to 6 hours! What's a great drink to keep in it? Of course it's no other than our favourite morning cuppa coffee! Americano, Ice Latte: you name it. Use these flasks to keep it chilled all day long. 

*Mini Size - Easy to carry size, only as tall as a smartphone.
*Spill Proof - Slip into handbag without worrying about leaks.
*Warm or Cool for 6 hours - Silicone cap seal ensures beverage stays at ideal temperature.
*Durable - Made from stainless steel inside and out.

Available in 3 colors, the Mini Thermal Flask (250ml) is RM99/ERM109 each. Or you can save RM50 when you buy all 3 for RM247/ERM277.