Kitchen On The Move

Limited Release

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- Modular Bowl (1) 4L
- Colander (1)
- Cutting Board (1)
- Grater (1)
- Small Cup (1)
The all-in-one kitchen helper makes preparing food more convenient. Compact and versatile it saves space and is easily portable if you are cooking on the go. 
Just chop and slide
Small cup can be inserted into the frame next to the cutting board, closing the surface. This way you can slide cut ingredients into the small cup next to the board.
Simply flexible 
Colander can be used separately. The feet on the bottom make it stable. It also nests perfectly in the bowl.
Grates finely 
Frame with grater can be placed on bowl or on colander. Pattern of holes are angled to cut through food efficiently.
Stores food easily 
When parts are removed from bowl, it can be used as a container to store food. Cover seals securely like all Tupperware containers.

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